New Customers

How long does the application process take and what information do I need to apply?
How soon will I know if my loan application is approved?
How long does the entire process take?
What if I have less than perfect credit or a bankruptcy; can you still help me?
While I am working with FIFS to refinance my automobile, can I stop making payments on my current loan?
How do I check the status of my loan application?
If I apply on your website is my information secure?
I did not receive a promotional offer in the mail. May I still apply to refinance my car?
I have an older vehicle, is there a limit on the age or mileage?
I have more than one vehicle that I would like to refinance, is there a limit on the number of vehicles?
I am interested in purchasing a new vehicle at a dealership. May I get financed through First Investors Financial Services, Inc.?
Do you finance any other types of loans?
Can I refinance my existing First Investors Financial Services, Inc. auto loan?
What if I owe more than my car is worth; can you still help me?
Are there any restrictions on how much I can refinance?
Are there any penalties or fees for paying my loan off early?
Do I have to give you my social security number?
Will you obtain a credit report?
Where did you get my information/credit from?
How can I get my name removed from your mailing list?
Is my interest rate fixed or will it go up after a certain period of time?
What is a simple interest loan?
What will my interest rate be?
Can I make my car payment online or by phone?
Can I have my payment automatically drafted from my checking account?
What is your payment schedule for loans (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)?
What is a VIN number and where can I find it?
Do you sell GAP? What does GAP cover? Is GAP required?
I have purchased GAP Insurance with my current loan; will I be able to maintain coverage?
May my vehicle be subject to a second lien?
How much am I able to save by refinancing?
What if I am an active duty service member?
Is there an application fee?
Is there a charge to refinance my automobile?
How does a simple interest loan work?
How long will I have until the first payment?

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Existing Customers

Where do you have offices?
What are the Customer Service hours?
What is your Customer Service fax number?
What is your Customer Service email address?
What is the physical address?
What are the Collection Department's hours?
Why didn't I receive a statement?
I haven't received a statement. What should I do?
How do I obtain a replacement statement?
Is there a grace period for making payments?
How do I set up receiving paperless statement notifications?
How do I cancel my e-statement?
Can I look up paperless statements from previous months?
Will I receive a coupon book?
Why did I receive a late fee?
I have moved to another state and need to register my car. How do I request my title to do so?
How do I add/remove someone on the loan?
How do I update my address/phone number?
Can I make a payment online?
How do I cancel a pending web or telephone payment?
Will I be able to view my account online?
May I make my payment using a credit/debit card?
Can I make additional payments to principal and what happens when I send extra money above the regular payment amount?
Does First Investors accept principal only payments?
May I pay ahead and move out my next due date?
What is a simple interest contract?
Why is my principal balance not moving as much as I think it should?
Why do I have a balance on my loan and I've made all of my payments?
How do you figure the amount of interest taken from each payment?
Why is my payoff higher than my current balance?
When do I receive my title once the loan is paid?
I've reached my original maturity date and there is a balance left on the loan. Will I have to pay the balance due in total at that time?
When do I receive my refund once the loan is paid?
What is the payoff address?
May I set up an auto debit?
May I set up the auto debit for more than my regular payment amount?
How do I cancel my auto debit?
Why do I receive a statement when I am enrolled in the auto debit program?
Why is the monthly amount due LOWER than my regular payment amount?
Why is the monthly amount due HIGHER than my regular payment amount?
May I change my due date?
Can I make a payment by phone? If so, is there a charge?
My car has been totaled? What do I do?
My car has been impounded. What should I do?
I have married or divorced. How do I update my name on my loan?
Where should I send my current insurance information?
What if I have a complaint or need to notify First Investors of suspected fraud?
Do you furnish information to the credit bureaus?
What if I have a dispute about information appearing on my credit report?
What is the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA)?
How do I request an SCRA rate reduction?
Will I still be covered by the SCRA if I refinance my contract?
Will the SCRA protect me from a repossession?
Is my spouse eligible for SCRA interest rate benefits?
What if I am deployed? Will someone be able to handle my account?
Am I able to limit methods of contact from First Investors?
If my vehicle is repossessed, may I get it back?
What should I do if I am having difficulty making payments?
May I request a payment extension and do I need to sign an agreement?
If approved, will the extension have any impact on my account/contract?
Does interest continue to accrue if I get an extension?
Will the extension impact my insurance or GAP coverage?

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